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The College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine(CAVM) is one of the 6 colleges of the University of Rwanda (UR), created in 2013. The mission of CAVM is to advance knowledge, promote teaching and research, and help the society discover innovative solutions to overcome its most pressing problems.

UR-CAVM is committed to becoming a centre of high standards and influence in education, research, technology transfer in agriculture, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, agricultural products development and processing and to becoming a major player in rural economic transformation.

UR-CAVM has the following aims:

  • To impart education in various branches of agriculture and animal husbandry at “A0” Degree Level to a sufficient number of technicians engineers and provide them with adequate skills to meet the requirements of their duties.
  • To contribute to the ongoing poverty reduction, economic development and food security programs in the country through increased agricultural production as a result of agricultural training, research and transfer of technology.

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