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The CCRN is an international initiative to understand and support the links between communities, conservation and livelihoods, and to seek out best governance practices to support the combination of community-based conservation and sustainable livelihoods. It is a partnership of indigenous, community, university, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, with a base at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada.

The CCRN undertakes local-level community-based research and capacity building activities at our sites around the world, and works globally to provide a focal point on the crucial themes of Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods. The CCRN’s research, which applies a consistent social-ecological systems lens, is producing a range of insights – on such themes as regional and community environmental governance, indigenous self-governance, local networking and the success of conservation initiatives – that will yield important lessons for communities, policy makers and decision makers at all levels, from local to global.

CCRN’s website provides a global learning and resource platform on community-based conservation and broadly, the relationships between Community, Conservation and Livelihoods. Here, you will find a wide variety of Community Stories, videos and webinars from around the world, as well as an interactive Communities in Action map, and various resources on many conservation and livelihoods topics.

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