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Direction Nationale des Eaux et Forêts

The Water and Forests Directorate’s mission is to design, coordinate and implement the national policy regarding forests and wildlife. It oversees the application of the paramilitary forest officers and ensures the organization of -and issues related to- military equipment and training of forest officials.

As such, it is responsible for:

  • the protection of forest resources (forests and fauna);
  • the development and monitoring of the implementation of an extension strategy for forestry techniques;
  • broad support in its areas of competence;
  • the design of a methodology for developing management plans of forests and forest plantations;
  • organization, control, operation and marketing of forest products of plant and wildlife origin;
  • the promotion of non-timber forest products;
  • the development of a management strategy and the protection of national parks, wildlife reserves and game ranches;
  • contract management and markets and work in the field;
  • the implementation of international conventions on forests and wildlife;
  • development skills of subsector actors regarding forests and fauna;
  • the development and application of laws and regulations on the management of forests and wildlife;
  • control and police in protecting water and fish farming activities

Under the authority of Lin Director General Water Directorate are:

  • The Division paramilitary body of water and forests of the regulation and control (DCPRC);
  • The forest management of Branch (FAB).
  • The Rural Forestry Department (RFD)
  • The Directorate of National Parks, wildlife reserves and (the hunts (DPRFC)
  • Regional Environmental Directorates and the living environment.

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