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EKI Energy Services Limited (EKIESL) is a leading global provider of Consultancy and Training Services. EKI Provides consultancy for climate change advisory (GHG programmes-CDM, VCS, GS), lean manufacturing & ISO. EKIESL works in Carbon, Energy and Environment sector with specialization in the areas of renewable energy project development, Carbon asset management under the Kyoto Protocol´s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). EKI is Accredited by Quality council of India and QMS Consultant organization, Registered with National Productivity Council and QCI for Lean Manufacturing Training and Consultancy. EKI’s consultants design and structure appropriate consulting or project management training addressing those specific needs at each level of the organization. EKI is dedicated to work across the spectrum of climate change, carbon markets, renewable energy, ISO, Lean Manufacturing and sustainable development with its best customer oriented services since last four years. EKIESL has the most successful and experienced team of professionals delivering services from project identification/ conceptualization up to the successful completion of the project. At EKIESL, we have a cogent mix of rigorous analytical skills, boundless creativity, and a roving eye for continually reducing carbon emission from the atmosphere for better future.

EnKing International is the brand identity of EKI Energy Services Limited.

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