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International Environment Forum (IEF) is a Bahá’í-inspired non-governmental professional organization linking science and ethics to the challenges of the environment, sustainable development and climate change.

Working largely via e-mail and sharing results on the IEF website and at periodic international meetings, the IEF builds networks of interested people, organizes annual conferences and takes part in various international events.

The IEF’s specific objectives and actions include the following:

  • Provide a forum for members to deepen their understanding of the social and ethical principles in the Bahá’í Writings and other scriptures that relate to environmental responsibility and sustainable development and to explore the application of those principles in their work and activities;
  • Encourage and engage with individuals and other groups and apply collective knowledge for the benefit of society;
  • Share knowledge and experience through newsletters and technical and academic papers;
  • Maintain a web site (with English, Spanish and French portals) of relevant written materials and resources; and
  • Promote environmental awareness and sustainable development by developing educational materials through which children, youth and adults are empowered to contribute to practical action.

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