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The Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) was founded with the objective of providing stakeholders from 12 mountain states and hill districts of the Indian Himalayan Region, a platform to come together to discuss issues related to the development of the Indian Himalayan Region and communities therein, and to build a consensus on priorities and actions and recommend the same to relevant authorities.

While various activities and networks are envisaged under IMI, a few of the key activities planned is the Sustainable Mountain Development Summit (SMDS) and Meet of Mountain States (MoMS), which IMI has convened since 2011 in different Himalayan cities. The events aim to bring together stakeholders from various states on the Indian Himalayan Region to discuss selected themes that are current and relevant to its sustainable development. The major works IMI carries out in all mountain states across the Indian Himalayan States include:

  • Provides platform for stakeholders
  • Evolves consensus on priorities for action and action plan
  • Consult relevant authorities
  • Catalyze and galvanize stakeholders to collectively reflect not only on degradation of environment but its relationship with development
  • Sustainable development agenda discussed in larger forums rather than stand-alone workshop/seminars
  • Platforms for open and continuous dialogue on mountain concerns through annual summits encouraging networks on various mountain themes and concerns.

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