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Janathakshan (GTE) Limited is a not for profit company established in 2011 to promote sustainable and green solutions in development to Sri Lanka and beyond.

Janathakshan; meaning “people’s technology” or “technology for people” roots itself in the work of Practical Action, a technology based INGO operated in Sri Lanka for over two decades and envisages the same vision and values of Practical Action founder E. F. Schumacher’s philosophy.

The existence of Janathakshan (GTE) Limited ensures the sustainability of knowledge based networks and expert knowledge to serve future practitioners, development agencies, researchers, students, academics and decisions makers.

Our Vision

Janathakshan’s vision is of a sustainable world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used equitably.

Our Mission

To use technology to challenge poverty in transitional economic context; working with poor people to

  • Build their capabilities
  • Improve their access to technical options and knowledge, and
  • Help them influence the social, economic and institutional systems for innovation and use of technology

To use technology to challenge social disparity and injustice; offering viable alternatives to stakeholders at multiple levels to:

  • Improve their access to sustainable technical options and knowledge
  • Help them to adopt responsible and equitable approaches
  • Build capacities and assets of poor

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