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Oxfam India

Oxfam India

By 2020, Oxfam India will work towards reducing inequality and injustice in India by working with alliances of poor and marginalized people, especially women, so that they are able to realize their rights, influence decision making processes and transform power structures. In this journey, Oxfam India will also engage with the public to promote active citizenship, and with the private sector to encourage responsible business. Their 2020 goals will also include having more members of socially-excluded groups such as Dalits, tribals and Muslims, in particular women among them, exercise their rights of citizenship and live a life of dignity, free from discrimination. Also for the the Indian private sector to adopt responsible and inclusive policies and practices to end inequality by this year.

Oxfam India works on the following areas:

  • Humanitarianism and disaster risk reduction.
  • Essential services.
  • Economic justice.
  • Gender justice.
  • Social inclusion.
  • Private sector engagement.

Oxfam India aims to build the resilience of communities to disasters and reduce vulnerability, particularly for women and children.

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