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Reos Partners

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For 20 years, Reos Partners has been practicing a rigorous set of methods that help people make progress on complex, stuck challenges. Our approach both opens and creates paths to crucial systemic transformations. The starting point is a diverse coalition that is ready to challenge the status quo, together.

Reos Partners projects occur at three scales: events of a few days, processes of several months, and platforms that operate for years. A single event can spark new insights, relationships, and capacities, while a long-term platform can enable new experiments, initiatives, and movements—and ultimately, systemic transformation.

All of our projects bring together stakeholders from across a whole system. Politicians, executives, generals, guerrillas, unionists, activists, artists, researchers, clergy, community leaders . . . Diversity may feel like the problem, but it is at the heart of problem solving. Progress results from skillfully engaging people with different perspectives and interests to collaborate on shared concerns.

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