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The mission of RWB is to ensure the availability of enough and well-managed water resources for sustainable development.

Its missions are as follows:

  1. To implement national policies, laws and strategies related to water resources;
  2. To advise the Government on matters related to water resources;
  3. To establish strategies aimed at knowledge based on research on water resources knowledge, forecasting on water availability, quality and demand;
  4. To establish strategies related to the protection of catchments and coordinate the implementation of erosion control plans;
  5. To establish floods management strategies;
  6. To establish water storage infrastructure;
  7. To establish water resources allocation plans;
  8. To establish water resources quality and quantity preservation strategies;
  9. To control and enforce water resources use efficiency;
  10. To examine the preparation of roads, bridges, dams and settlements designs in order to ensure flood mitigation and water storage standards;
  11. To monitor the implementation of flood mitigation measures and water storage during the implementation of roads, bridges and settlements’ plans;
  12. To cooperate and collaborate with other regional and international institutions with a similar mission.

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