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Survey Engineering and GIS Maps Association (SEGMA) in Hargeisa, Somaliland (North of Somalia) is a business endeavor aiming at serving the needs of the national and regional markets through focused efficient innovative & quality products and services of surveying and mapping in all areas of spatial technology and application. SEGMA brings horizontal and vertical integration of satellite/aerial remote sensing, photogrammetric, GPS positioning applications, GIS databases and applications services of survey engineering, sustainable of management of natural resources and resilience and GIS databases. SEGMa also has experience in mobile data collection platforms and software development. Incorporated in 2007, SEGMA has intended a presence in the Somalilandand Horn of Africa countries.

SEGMA’s top technical team bring with them more than 10 years of experience in spatial technology fields. The team has professional contacts with some of the best national companies and agencies and partners at national level to leverage business solutions and benefits.

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