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S&P Global Ratings


S&P Global Ratings is the world’s leading provider of independent credit ratings. It provides intelligence that is essential for companies, governments and individuals to make decisions with conviction. Credit ratings are one of several tools that investors can use when making decisions about purchasing bonds and other fixed income investments. This website helps explain what credit ratings are and are not, who uses them, and how they may be useful to the capital markets.

Global perspective with local insight: With a presence in 28 countries around the world, our analysts assess global factors and trends that affect creditworthiness. We meet regularly with industry leaders, and analyze critical data points ranging from an enterprise’s industry position to the economic health of regions across the globe.​

Analysts that translate complexity to clarity:Our proven methodology protects the integrity of our ratings while providing unmatched accuracy. We believe there’s more value in a well-formed point of view than any collection of data, and our opinions and risk measurement are rooted in our experience and unparalleled scale.

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