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The University for Development Studies (UDS) was established in May 1992. The University’s principal objective is to address and find solutions to the environmental problems and socio-economic deprivations that have characterized northern Ghana, and which are also found in some rural areas throughout the rest of the country.

The vision of the University is “to be a home of world-class pro-poor scholarship”; the University strives to ensure that there are intellectual and pragmatic inputs into the developmental processes of the poor, disadvantaged and the marginalized areas and peoples of the country and beyond.

The combination of its location and its vision makes the University for Development Studies ideally placed to be partnered with any organization(s) in addressing environmental challenges.

UDS consciously and systematically run programmes that are targeted to prepare the individuals to establish their own careers in specialized areas. Further it equips these practitioners with requisite knowledge to enable them to live and function in any deprived community in the country.

The University operates four satellite campuses spread out in the three Northern Regions of Ghana. That is Wa Campus (Upper West Region), Navrongo campus (Upper East Region) and, Tamale and Nyankpala Campuses (Northern Region). It comprises of the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies, (FIDS), Faculty of Planning and Land Management (FPLM), Faculty of Education (FOA), School of Business, School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS), Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources (FRNR), Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS), Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (FMS), the Graduate School and three centres. The current student population stands at about twenty thousand.

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