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Udyama is a food security and sustainable rural livelihoods focused action and advocacy oriented organization primarily working in the state of Orissa. Founded in 1997 and registered as a society under Societies Registration Act, 1860, Click here to know about legal status. The organization aims to work towards strengthening food security and livelihoods through restoration and sustainable management of natural resources, capacity building of local communities to deal with and combating environmental hazards and through increased access to education and health services.

Natural resources; land, water and forests play a critical role in supporting the livelihood system of millions of rural households. However, the distressing fact is that the state witnesses degenerated natural resource wealth. Unsustainable utilization of natural resources has been one of the important causes of environment pollution and ravaged ecology which results in frequent disasters contributing to the process of further marginalization and improvement of poor and marginalized sections. Udyama has emerged as a support organization to facilitate a conducive environment and enhancing capacity of local communities and their organizations in combating risks and rebuilding the fragile natural resource base as well as depleting livelihood options.

Over years, we have embraced issues relating to other social issues like education and health, which has a significant influence on the livelihood of the poor. Poverty deprives the poor to have access to basic education and health. Udyama have been trying to facilitate changes directed towards improving the implementation of education and health based programmes. We have been focusing our attention on strengthening the economic capability of the poor and non-affordable sections to be able to democratically exercise rights to basic education and health.

Udyama has its main office at Nayagarh, Orissa and liasioning office in Bhubaneswar and field office in Titlagarh, Orissa. The organisation is staffed with a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive field experiences. Click here to view the area of coverage

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