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The institute, which collaborates closely with Maastricht University, carries out research and training on a range of social, political and economic factors that drive economic development in a global perspective.

Special emphasis is on the process of technological change and innovation, including the governance of science and technology and on factors limiting the access to knowledge; on (public) policy analysis and evaluation; on the social aspects of growth and development, in particular the policy challenges posed by low levels of development including the limitations and possibilities for social security and other social policies; and on the relationship between global development and migration.


  • To research how countries can catch up in the unequal global playing field of the 21st century, without increasing inequality and social exclusion;
  • To analyse knowledge flows at the regional and global levels, and their impact on local development, employment and productivity;
  • To train specialists who combine a high level of academic scholarship with leadership, in order to strengthen democratic governance in domestic and international organisations.

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