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Urban Earth is a specialist media company focussed on clear communication of sustainability information.

Our Services

Website:We publish the Urban Earth website which aims to disseminate information on sustainability issues in South Africa to educate individuals and organisations on complex sustainability topics and provide them with guidance on how to adopt sustainability in their daily lives and operations. The following writers are regular contributors to the Urban Earth website: Margaret McKenzie, Amanda Botes, Nadia Shah, Tholakele Nene, Jonathan Ramayia and Abigail Knox.

Packaging and Communicating Information:We research and compile e-books and guidelines on key sustainability issues with the aim of making information more accessible for readers. Email us for more information on sponsoring an e-book.

Communication and publicity: We assist sustainability organisations to generate publicity and also manage their communication systems such as websites, e- newsletters and social media.

Recruitment: We partner with SciStaff to assist companies in recruiting staff in the renewable energy and environmental sustainability fields.

Contact us: [email protected]

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