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The University of The Gambia seeks to be a centre of academic excellence providing high-quality teaching, research and service relevant to poverty alleviation, gender equity and the sustainable development needs of The Gambia and the region.

UTG seeks to attain this vision by (1) promoting equitable and sustainable socio-economic development of communities through relevant, high-quality gender-sensitive teaching, research and outreach programmes, (2) providing higher education to all persons, suitably qualified and capable of benefiting from it, (3) positioning itself as a national asset committed to the promotion of life-long learning, (4) Developing its information and communication technologies, infrastructure as a driving force for (a) the education of more people more rapidly and (b) the improvement of efficiency and academic quality to attain the goals of poverty alleviation and national development, (5) development of high-quality, problem-solving, gender-sensitive, interactive teaching, research, learning and outreach programmes, and (6) continuous demonstration of commitment to the inspiring values and objectives of “Operation back-to-the-land” and “Operation no Compromise” fervently advocated by His Excellency The President of the Republic.

University education at UTG is not only concerned with intellectual growth and development, but is also designed to instil ethical values and civic responsibilities which equip students and graduates to demonstrate probity, integrity and patriotism in the delivery of services to the nation.

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