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CIRCE case study on the impact of climate change in Tal Hadya

Wheat growing in Tal Hadya: Photo ICARDA

Tel Hadya is a water scarce area in the North of Syria. During the last 30 years droughts have frequently led to crop failure, and increased abstraction of groundwater for irrigation has caused a significant drop in groundwater levels. Wheat is the main crop in the region and is expected to be negatively affected by climate change, with consequent negative effects on the livelihoods of poor farmers.

The study will simulate the effects of climate change on wheat production, and explore the viability of irrigation as an adaptation measure. The study is expected to provide policy-makers with information to help the development of policies to better manage scarce water resources.

The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) was the CIRCE partner leading on this case study

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