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Capitalizing on lessons learned from local CBA initiatives for upscaling and mainstreaming CBA in national strategies and policies – The experience of Morocco


Morocco is very vulnerable to Climate Change. Infact, its major socio economical sectors and main ecosystems are extremely sensitive to Climate variability and Change: Agriculture, Water resources, forest, mountains, coastal zones, oasis etc. Height communities are implementing height CBA projects with the support of the CBA/UNDP/GEF program. Also, the government, in partnership with the local and regional NGOs and the local authorities is striving to combat poverty and exclusion via a national initiative launched by the King (the INDH: the National Initiative for Human Development). The INDH, along with some national development plans are starting to integrate Climate Change Adaptation in the local and the national policy planning. Simultaneously, the Government is in the process of preparing a DPL with the World Bank (a Development Policy Loan). Given the extreme vulnerability of the country, adaptation is considered among the priorities of the foreseen policy.


Naima Oumoussa ([email protected])

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