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Call for experts: developing an ISO standard for vulnerability assessments

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) has recently started drafting ISO/AWI 14091 “Climate Change Adaptation – A Guidance to Vulnerability Assessment”. ISO is calling on international climate experts to get involved in the process.

Vulnerability assessments at the national, regional and municipal levels, for key fields and sectors such as the environment, health, agriculture, as well as for the private sector, are of increasing importance in dealing with possible damage caused by climate change. They already play an important role in the establishment of climate change adaptation strategies (National Adaptation Plans, NAP).

At present, there are already numerous approaches to vulnerability assessments that can be used to examine different types of climatic trends, threats and impacts caused by climate change in rural and urban structures. What is missing, however, is a uniform approach that allows different actors to proceed consistently on the basis of internationally agreed procedures.

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) has started drafting ISO/AWI 14091 “Climate Change Adaptation – A Guidance to Vulnerability Assessment” under its Technical Committee ISO/TC 207/SC 7.

Want to contribute to the project and share your thoughts and experience in the field of Vulnerability Assessments? ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 207/SC 7 will hold a webinar for experts registered with their respective national standardization agency in October 2017 to provide more detailed background information about the common ground reached so far.

To participate in the development process and the webinar you need to be mandated by your respective national standardization agency.

adelphi is supporting the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in the development of a standardized approach to vulnerability assessment. The goal of the project is to develop an application-oriented standard for preparing and carrying out vulnerability assessments in practice. It is to take into account the predominant challenges and opportunities facing countries in the global south to the same extent that it does this for western industrialised countries. On behalf of ISO, this interesting and relevant new project will be chaired by Germany while already 15 more countries have confirmed their participation in the project. adelphi is also acting on the chair of the committee responsible for creating the ISO standards.

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