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Workshop on facilitation techniques – Paris, 23rd August 2018

Are you interested in enhancing your ability to facilitate engaging and inspiring group interactions (e.g. with stakeholders and project teams)?

PLACARD and the Applied Improvisation Network are offering a workshop on facilitation techniques to be used in the humanitarian field – on the 23rd of August in Paris (in English). The workshop will be delivered by Belina Raffy & Jeanne Lambin, who are both highly active in the Applied Improvisation Network and Improv for Humanity. They will deliver this workshop along with Julia Barrott, from the Stockholm Environment Institute, who specialises in knowledge sharing and learning linked to climate change adaptation and related issues.

Why improv? While improvisation is well known for it use in comedy, theater, and jazz, many of its early antecedents used improvisation as a tool for social and political change. The principles, tools, practices, skills, and mind-sets developed through improvisation can help to cultivate highly interactive and inclusive group exchanges aimed at optimising the potential for social learning and innovation. The improvisational mindset which embraces authenticity, diversity, collaboration, flexibility, and spontaneity has been increasingly valued by individuals, groups, and organizations as a means to creatively and effectively act in a world that is complex and in constant flux.

Applied improvisation is using the mindsets and practice of improvisation in service to non-theatrical applications in a variety of contexts like collaboration, communication, change, creativity, team-building, learning, community engagement, leadership, etc.

Why join? The workshop “Virtually Amazing: How to Create Meaningful In-Person and Online Interactions” will explore how to foster effective, participatory, offline and online learning experiences. Participants will explore how to deliver practical applied improvisation activities for meetings and trainings in the humanitarian and climate sector which can be used immediately. Participants will also learn about improvisation principles, and how to adapt what they’re doing to the context in which they are working.

The day is supported by the PLACARD project and will be limited to twenty participants. These will be made up of ten applied improvisers interested in learning how better to support organisations in the humanitarian sector and ten people from the humanitarian and climate sector interested in creating more engaging and effective meetings and trainings, and so presents an additional opportunity for co-learning and collaboration.

As part of participating, you will be asked to complete a short survey and do pre-reading.

We anticipate high interest so please register your interest as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to Julia Barrott ([email protected]), with a short paragraph introducing yourself and explaining why you would like to join this day.

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