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BKE EU-Canada event series: Enhancing Connections across Platforms

Working with KE4CAP, the Government of Canada hosted 4 workshops to enhance knowledge exchange on topics of relevance to CAPs, including experiences in developing national adaptation strategies.
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An invitation from the Government of Canada. This video is also available in French:


Over the past year, Canada has been participating in the KE4CAP project, in collaboration with European and international partners.

The Government of Canada hosted a series of events with the KE4CAP project, entitled “Enhancing Connections across Platforms”. This series of Virtual Knowledge Exchange events comprised four interactive workshops taking place on 11, 13, 18 and 20 May 2021. They aimed to enhance knowledge exchange on climate adaptation platforms and other related topics, including experiences in developing national adaptation strategies.

A Final Report from this event is available to download (to the right). The final report is also available in French.

The invitational video on behalf of the Government of Canada can be found here: English | French.

Bringing together the domestic and international adaptation community, through engaging dialogue and information sharing, this event provided an opportunity to learn from unique approaches, share knowledge and best practices, and work together to address common and emerging challenges. Under the theme of Enhancing Connections across Platforms, the events convened international experts to better understand the Canadian and other platform landscapes, explore opportunities to connect and expand their ‘network of networks’, develop better services for platform users, and discuss best practices and lessons learned for developing adaptation strategies.

Event details and presentations:

Presentations and other materials from the events can be found through the links below. Other program details, including session overviews, can be found on the event dashboard.

  1. May 11, 2021 (10am EDT): National Adaptation Strategies: Lessons Learned from the International Adaptation Community.Discussion on international best practices supporting the development of national adaptation strategies.

  2. May 13, 2021 (10am EDT): A Diversity of Needs, A Diversity of Platforms: Linking Platforms to Facilitate Users’ Adaptation Journeys. Explore why platform connections are important and how they add value to a user’s adaptation journey. Participants will reflect on the diversity of platforms and potential connections by conducting a roadmap exercise to identify the necessary components to establish connections.

  3. May 18, 2021 (10am EDT): Enhancing Platform Impact: The Power of In-Person Connection and Diversification. In the era of fast paced digital engagement,we shouldn’t forget the power of in person connection. Join us as we examine how ‘in-person’ components play a central (but often under recognized) role in complementing digital efforts and how this relates to efforts to meaningfully include and benefit under represented and other ‘non traditional’ communities into Platforms and their networks.

  4. May 20, 2021 (10am EDT): From Knowledge to Action: Exploring Approaches to Integrating Identified User Needs into Platform Offerings. Engage and answer questions around the importance of user needs considerations in platform offerings to support the ‘knowledge to action’ transfer in adaptation decision making and discuss the possible approaches for how to integrate identified users needs into platform offerings.

Concluding remarks from this event series

Over the course of four sessions, over one hundred participants from around the world gathered to share insights, best practices and common challenges around climate and adaptation platforms. Many informative views on best practices and challenges of platform connections were shared. The sessions in this event contributed to the following desired outcomes and impacts of the KE4CAP project:

  • Supporting a wide range of users with different capacities and decision-making culture;
  • Demonstrating the value of web-based and in person adaptation platforms, including in terms of contributing to monitoring, evaluation and reporting on adaptation at national and international levels;
  • Enhancing collaboration and harmonisation of platforms to promote quality and utility from the perspective of users;
  • Providing examples of good practices related to supporting evolving users’ requirements.

The final report highlights a number of challenges and opportunities for platforms to enhance and strengthen their connections and improve the way they identify and respond to user needs. We hope that in addition to summarizing the event, that this report can also serves as a springboard for other platforms to connect and innovate. This event is part of a larger journey; visit the KE4CAP platform to learn more about the project goals, initiatives, and outcomes.

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