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ECCA 2021 – At Your Service: Climate Knowledge and Information as Enablers of Climate Action

ECCA 2021 takes place from 25 May to 22 June 2021: "Bringing adaptation solutions to life: Inspiring climate adaptation action today for a resilient future".
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ECCA 2021 takes place from 25 May to 22 June 2021 and focusses on “Bringing adaptation solutions to life: Inspiring climate adaptation action today for a resilient future”.

More Information on ECCA2021 and registration for all events is available here. You can also follow the event live on ECCA 2021’s YouTube channel.

Presentations of projects involved are being made available via the ECCA 2021 Virtual Library.

Webinar: “At Your Service: Climate Knowledge and Information as Enablers of Climate Action”

8 June 2021, 12:00 – 14:30 CEST

Champions: Roger Street, University of Oxford, with Inès Alterio, ANR.

Watch the webinar here.


Pre-recorded presentations

  • European Climate Data Explorer:The European Climate Data Explorer provides interactive access to many climate indices and climate impact indicators for Europe based on data from the Copernicus Climate Data Store. It is hosted on the European Climate Adaptation Platform, Climate-ADAPT.


This adaptation challenge topic “At your service” will focus on exploring and enhancing the use and development of climate services and climate adaptation (knowledge) platforms as enablers of climate action (adaptation, resilience and mitigation). It is intended to engage those using and developing these enablers in sharing their views, knowledge and experiences. This includes in the context of how they are and could better inform and inspire the actions needed to address current and anticipated climate challenges as we move to a climate-resilient and zero-carbon future.

This challenge topic is also intended to facilitate connections and collaborations – engaging and connecting stakeholders from practice, policy, the private sector, communities and researchers in addressing the associated challenges and opportunities that these enablers offer towards identifying and implementing action.

Anticipated Outputs

Through this topic, we will engage the targeted audience towards identifying key messages (connections and collaborations, knowledge exchange, solutions, innovations and research) related to the roles of these enablers and their enhancement in supporting the evolving nature and scope of required action. Furthermore, the intention is to provide opportunities for participants to digest and build on the wealth of knowledge that has been developed from various efforts over the past year (Climateurope, Adaptation Modelling, KE4CAP, the Adaptation Mission, Green Deal deliberations, EU Adaptation Strategy, etc.).

Core outputs will focus on the development of key messages on the forward agenda for these enablers of climate action. Messages that are directed at enhancing the quality, relevance, legitimacy and credibility of the enablers and the knowledge and information they provide in the context of informing action and considering practice, policy and scientific relevant aspects. These messages will be taken forward for consideration in relevant forums and, in particular, during the ECCA2021 High-level event (HLE, 22nd June).

The full workshop agenda can be found on the right.

Expected outcomes

  • To identify, explore and learn from a selection of initiatives and to ask and learn from questions linked to critical aspects of these enablers and their enhancements from both use and development perspectives.
  • To engage in the development of a forward practice, policy and scientific agenda and sharpen the resulting messages based on digested knowledge and experiences.
  • To engage, connect and consider potential collaborations with others involved in working with these enablers for action and their future development and delivery.
  • Use these connections to identify areas of mutual interest and opportunities for collaborative efforts.

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