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KE4CAP Survey: Synthesis of Responses

This article gathers information and knowledge from across the KE4CAP project to date, with a focus on a survey of climate adaptation knowledge platforms in late 2020.
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KE4CAP aims to provide a forum for climate adaptation (knowledge) platform (CAP) developers and operators to come together to compare and learn from their respective approaches, to share knowledge and best practices, and to work together to address common and emerging challenges.

Towards realising this, we sent out a survey in July 2020 to the KE4CAP community. We have now completed a first analysis of the responses received – see Synthesis Report as Featured Download to the right.

We have continued with the 12 topics already highlighted: ​

  1. Co-evaluation, learning and capacity development to drive platform improvement.
  2. Supporting and working with local actors.
  3. The role of platforms in supporting the monitoring, reporting and evaluation of progress in adaptation (and other areas).
  4. Communications, knowledge brokering and stewardship to stimulate and enable action.
  5. Integration of cultural, including indigenous, knowledge, capacities and needs into platforms
  6. Retaining relevance of platforms in a fast-moving world.
  7. Integration and coherence across platforms.
  8. Business models and value propositions for financing platforms.
  9. Quality assurance, credibility and usability of platforms.
  10. Platform architecture and technical development.
  11. Governance of platforms.
  12. Social justice and equity.

We see this as work-in-progress. The 12 topic syntheses are living documents and we will be updating them as more information becomes available. We are now working on incorporating additional information e.g. from the EU-Australia bilateral event and the VKE series, and as we delving deeper into the responses already received. This will include a better understanding of the key links between topics and how best to communicate what we have learnt.

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