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Mainstreaming Climate Change into Community Development Strategies and Plans: A Case Study in Thailand

Thailand is one of the thirteen countries supported by AKP. This publication highlights the insights gained from the implementation of activities in Thailand in partnership with SEA START and Khon Kaen University.


Climate change adaptation planning in Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia has focused primarily on minimizing the impact of future climate change. The resulting preoccupation with the uncertainty of climate change predictions has hindered the implementation of adaptation policies. A paradigm shift toward mainstreaming climate change into development planning, and away from addressing adaptation separately from development, can reduce the inaction of policy makers. By taking into consideration the range of possible risks and vulnerabilities that may arise from future climate and socioeconomic change scenarios, mainstreaming can reduce the reliance on certainty in predictions when developing plans for a community. The subsequent increase in a community’s resilience in the face of change is likely to lead to development that is more sustainable. A case study of the Lao-oi district in Thailand illustrates such a paradigm shift in planning, and proposes a framework for mainstreaming climate change into community development plans.

ThisweADAPT article is an abridged version of the original text, which can be downloaded from the right-hand column.Please access the original text for more detail, research purposes, full references, or to quote text.


Chinvanno, S. and V. Kerdsuk 2013, Mainstreaming Climate Change into Community Development Strategies and Plans: A Case Study in Thailand, Adaptation Knowledge Platform, Partner Report Series No. 5. Stockholm Environment Institute, Bangkok.

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