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Share your vulnerability assessment information & experiences

If/when you and your colleagues have conducted a vulnerability assessment in the area(s) you are working, it would be great to share it with other weADAPT users, so that we can learn from and build on what you have done, and maybe even provide you with some feedback or additional inputs. There are a variety of ways you could add your VA-related content into weADAPT, linked to this intiative. You can: create a placemark to pinpoint it on the map with some introductory text and a photo or video of the people and places involved in the assessment (like this one from ACTS in Kenya); draft a short wiki-type article to add to the knowledge base (like this one from SEI Oxford staff relating to South Africa); upload a report document; etc. For more information on the practicalities of how to add new content please visit the guidance pages. Please do tell us about: the various tools and methods you used in assessing vulnerability; what worked well and what some of the challenges were that you encountered when applying these; what your findings were about the vulnerabilities you were assessing; etc. Other weADAPT users will be very interested to read about both the process and the outcomes of your vulnerability assessment, and it may well encourage some of them to add their experiences too! That way we can learnt together and build up a rich knowledge base to use going forward with this type of work.

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