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Asian Management and Development Institute (AMDI) is a science and technology organization with the mission of providing research, training, and consulting services as a leading management science insitution in Viet Nam.

In close cooperation with management associations, partner agencies and prestigious international universities, AMDI offers creative, intelligent, practical and highly professional management solutions. A majority of AMDI’s managers and officers have obtained Masters and PhD degrees from nationally and internationally known universities. In addition, AMDI has established an extensive network of Vietnam’s most recognized experts in management, human resource management, public administration, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Research and publication:In addition to consulting and training, AMDI’s domains of interest includes conducting research and issuing publications on management, consulting, technology and science that aim to update and inform the most advanced information, management techniques being applied successfully nationwide and internationally to the concerned partners and public. AMDI regularly implements the applied research in the fields of modern management science and technology, socio economic management policies, human resource development, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation nationally and internationally. Simultaneously, AMDI conduct market surveys on global management standards and the aspects influencing organization’s operational capacities.

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