CEAM logo with 3 blue lines, 2 green mountain outlines, in front of a yellow circular line

The Centro de Estudios de Alta Montaña (CEAM) was born as a result of more than fifty years of continuous work favouring the understanding and conservation of the natural mountain systems of the Central Andes of Colombia, its people and culture.

CEAM is a Multidisciplinary Center of excellence, dedicated to the study of natural and cultural processes associated with mountain strategic systems of the Northern Andes

CEAM’s strategy has been to share all efforts of the institution (The Universidad el Quindío) into the generation of a Multidisciplinary Center of Excellence, with the goal to articulate knowledge on different disciplines related with mountains, to generate appropriate and accurate solutions to the problems affecting mountain systems in Colombia and the region. CEAM aims to articulate actions of communities, social groups, governments, and academia in pro of the sustainable development of the Tropical Andes and the restitution of their cultural values.​

CEAM’s work is sustained by the expertise of researchers belong to more than a dozen of research groups with a long trajectory on diverse aspects related with the subjacent mechanics to the structure of natural and cultural mountain systems.

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