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“”FRESH” is a non-for-profit company whose mission is to maintain and promote socio-ecological harmony through research based action(s), enabling communities for sustainable peaceful interaction with nature.

FRESH envisions itself a self-sustaining, process-oriented organization at national level, having established relations with national, regional and international scientific community and socio-economic development organizations. Developing projects and programs under the given objectives and seeking funding from national and international donors and supporters for their implementation. Conceiving and developing projects and programmes and developing partnerships, collaborative arrangements and networks with government, non-government and private organizations at local, national and international levels, having similar interests are the primary approaches used by FRESH to achieve its objectives. Other approaches include developing capacities of mountain communities for enhancing livelihoods from natural resources, and conserving species and ecosystems and using research as a tool to solve issues pertaining to harmony in social and natural environments.

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