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Tonkin &Taylor International Ltd (T+TI) is a leading Environmental and Engineering Consultancy with offices in New Zealand and Australia, associated companies in Malaysia, Philippines, and partnerships in Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Guam and New Caledonia. Established in 1959, Tonkin & Taylor is part of the T+T Group. T+TI’s key credentials are noted below:

  • Internationally-experienced consultancy with over 600 major assignments completed covering the environmental and infra-structure sectors
  • Track record covers ten countries in Asia, seventeen Pacific Island nations and project assignments in Africa and the Caribbean
  • Work for private and public companies, ADB, JICA, British Government and World Bank over the past 20 years includes infra-structure development, institutional strengthening and training, environmental studies, hydro and water supply
  • A 700-strong permanent staff resource base
  • A strong reputation for quality work, embodying the following principles:
    • effectively managing multi-disciplinary study teams
    • applying directly appropriate technology, coupled with practical innovation
    • taking close account of local skills and resources
    • applying cultural sensitivity and working closely with local personnel
    • seeking practical outcomes, which can be readily implemented.

Natural hazards services

Preparedness, protection, emergency response and recovery are the four pillars of our disaster resilience response offering. With more than 40 years’ experience in natural hazard and natural hazard risk management, Tonkin + Taylor has a proven capability at supporting clients through all stages of disaster resilience for events of almost every size.

We provide a comprehensive suite of natural hazard engineering services that support virtually all market sectors and client requirements, including:

  • Earthquake, liquefaction, flooding, climate change, preparedness, protection, emergency response, recovery;
  • Coastal erosion, coastal inundation, sea level rise, hazard assessment, risk;
  • Tsunami, preparedness, protection
  • Coastal Inundation, sea level rise, preparedness, protection, Project Orbit;
  • Landslide hazard assessment, mitigation;
  • Drought resilience, climate change.

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