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Analysis of Adaptation Strategies to Climate Variability in the Sahelian Zone

The Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) member states are located within the Sahalian zone in arid, semi-arid and sub-humid dry regions with primarily agrarian economies. Stresses within those regions include high exploitation of natural resources, a fragile natural environment and increasing pressure due to population growth and uncontrolled urbanization. Climatic variability is expected to increase the vulnerability of these populations already living on marginal lands. The aims of this project are to:

Analyze and share successful experiences with regards to climate variability in two arid areas in the north (Tunisia) and south (Niger) of the Sahalian zone, where it is expected that vulnerabilities will be accentuated due to climate change; and Analyze the possibilities to extrapolate the experiences of these locations to other regions with similar agro-climates.

A study of vulnerability in two OSS observatories in Tunisia and Niger will be carried out, as well as an identification of land-use changes in response to climate variations that have occurred during the last thirty years, taking into account changing social and economic conditions. The collection of data and information from the two areas will make it possible to carry out a comparative analysis of adaptation strategies, taking into consideration difficulties encountered and to identify best practices in sustainable natural resource management in marginal conditions. The results of this study will also be disseminated to decision-makers of the member states of the Observatories for Long-Term Ecological Surveillance of the OSS for integration into national development planning.

ACCCA Implementing Organisations

SEI, START, ENDA Tiers-Monde, Climate Systems Analysis Group – University of Cape Town, UNITAR.

Funding Organisation


Principal Investigator

Mr. Aboubacar Issa, Research for Development, Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel

Email: [email protected]

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