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ORCHID: Mainstreaming Adaptation in Development Investments in the Water Sector in China

Case study from ORCHID project, Water Sector, China
View from air, China

Description of project

ORCHID is designed to be a light touch screening process for donors, development organisations and their partners to integrate risk reduction and adaptation processes into their programmes. This research project developed a framework to assist with the assessment of climate change impacts and integration of adaptation in into development projects, hence strengthening capacity and raising awareness by sensitizing experts to the systematic management of climate change impacts through adaptation. Though applied post hoc, the framework was assessed to be clear for prioritization, impacts analysis, examination of adaptation effectiveness and decision-making, and to serve as a means to promote debate over how development investments in China in the water sector can integrate management of climate change impacts in the future.

Further Readings

Mainstreaming Adaptation in Regional Land Use and Water Management, in Adaptation and Mitigation Opportunities in European Climate Policy, edited by Hulme, M. and H. Neufeldt, CUP, 2009.

Contact Details

Thomas Tanner, Institute for Development Studies, UK;

Xia Jun, Institute for Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China;

Ian Holman, Natural Resources Department, Cranfield University, UK.

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