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SMCE/NAIADE: Evaluating the effects of the Alumysa Project in the Aysen Region in Chile

Case study links, Chile
Multiple Authors
Aysen Region, Chile

Description of project

In 2001, the Canadian Mining Company Noranda submitted an Environmental Impact Study (EISt) of an aluminium smelter plant project in Chacabuco bay, the main maritime entry of the Aysen region, and the regional operation centre for aquaculture industry. This case shows the shortfalls of a two-year Environmental Impact Assessment System (EIAS) (as per the 1994 Chilean Law Act), and how it could be complemented by the implementation SMCE, aimed to do an integrated evaluation of the possible impacts of political decisions, and considering the socio-economic, ecological, cultural, political and technical dimensions simultaneously.

Contact Details

Gonzalo Gamboa Jimenez;

Supervisor: Dr. Giuseppe Munda.

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