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Integrated Coastal Management and Climate Adaptation in Morocco

The World Bank has approved a US$5.2 million pilot project to apply integrated coastal zone management in the coasts of Morocco through a Global Environment Facility (GEF) grant.The project will test good practices for long-term maintenance and sustainability, providing tools to various sectors, such as agriculture, fisheries, environment, tourism, forestry. It will also assist the local government in participating meaningfully in local resource use planning, and integrating climate change and biodiversity preservation in the economic development processes in the project sites.

The integrated coastal zone management project will utilize a three-pronged approach to improve coastal zone management: an integrated approach to management in which all relevant government sectors work together in a transparent and decentralized way and in close cooperation with coastal residents and stakeholders; inclusive co-management focusing on women, youth and private sector by encouraging entrepreneurship of micro, small, and medium sized enterprises through capacity building and piloting public and private partnerships; and sustainability throughstrengthening the ability of local communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change and climate variability.

The project is in line with the Moroccan government’s 2012-2016 program which focuses on rapid and sustainable growth, improved governance, poverty eradication, and improvement of social conditions.

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