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UKCIP's BACLIAT climate change risk and vulnerability assessment for corporate or other business operations such as SMEs.
Multiple Authors
Daphne Yin

Business Areas Climate Impacts Assessment Tool (BACLIAT)

The UKCIP tool BACLIAT is used for a risk assessment of threats and opportunities. The tool comprises of a simple checklist for assessing the potential impacts of climate change under the following headings: Logistics, finance, markets, process, people, premises and management implications. It has been developed in partnership with representatives from a range of trade associations and professional bodies. The user groups targeted are corporate or multi-facility operations and non-industrial SME business managers. This tool is most effective when it is used as part of group brainstorming exercises.

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This tool comprises a set of workshops for business as follows:

A: Assessing past weather:

  • Draws on experience of past weather events to explore yourcurrent vulnerability

B: Business areas and future climate:

  • Uses generic business areas to help brainstorm the potential impacts of future climate change (the traditional BACLIAT)

C: Changing business practices:

  • Three alternative workshops aimed at exploring adaptation responses

Each contains background information, step by step guidance on how to run the workshop and a set of supporting resources.

Speed BACLIAT is a downloadable spreadsheet that can be completed as a desk-based exercise as a first iteration.

Although primarily designed as workshop resources for business, BACLIAT has been used successfully in a range of different settings. They can also be used as part of a wider adaptation planning process.

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