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Andes Regional Dialogue 1: Governance and participation

The first of the Andes Regional Dialogues focuses on governance and participation - learn more and watch the recording!
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Brick houses on a mountain side
Credit: Kobby Mendez (Unsplash)


Watch the dialogue here!


The Regional Dialogues are virtual meetings to bring science closer to policy and practice, and to outline innovative ideas on the sustainable development of the Andean mountains.

Dialogue approach:

Governance and participation in mountain socio-ecosystems in the Andes is a challenging matter at all scales. The presence of different visions and the number of key stakeholders involved makes participation and decision-making processes very complex. However, the importance of high altitude areas to guarantee ecosystem services and livelihoods makes managers, implementers and inhabitants reach minimal agreements on their sustainable development.

Key contributions of this dialogue:

  • Share different models of governance that could be replicable and scalable.
  • Share innovations in the inclusion of traditionally marginalized sectors of society.
  • Share experiences from other mountain ranges.

Note that this event will be available in both Spanish and English (simultaneous translation).


8:30-8:35 – Brief introduction by the organizing team

8:35-9:10 – Opening conference: Andean Mountain Initiative: progress and challenges for regional and global advocacy (25 min + 10 min Q&A) – Karen Price and Vilisa Morón, CONDESAN


  • Flash talk 1 – What has being going on with the Pact for the forests of Antioquia? Colombia
    (10 min) Patricia Tobón
  • Flash talk 2 – La Minga de la Montaña celebrates its first anniversary. What have we learned? Ecuador (10 min) Ángel Onofa
  • Flash talk 3 – Mountain Working Group of Chile (10 min) Lorena Pérez
  • Flash talk 4 – Alpine Convention: priority topics for the 2024 conference (10 min) Alenka Smerkolj

9:50-10:20 – Q&A and discussion with speakers and the general public – Moderators: Karen Price and Vilisa Morón, CONDESAN

10:20-10:30 – Final thoughts, next steps and closing remarks – María Argüello, CONDESAN

To learn more about the dialogues and access the presentation materials please visit the event page or download the event brochure on the right-hand side.

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