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2016 ADA/UNDP Moldova Project Photobook – Highlighting Moldova’s National Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process

This photobook highlights activities from the "Supporting Moldova’s National Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process"including adaptation stories, publications and resources.
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The purpose of this photobook is to share the information about achievements and knowledge products developed during the implementation of the project: “Supporting Moldova’s National Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process.” The photobook contains information on the specifics of climate change impacts on Moldova’s economy sectors and population, and the ongoing activities of adaptation planning at national and subnational levels. These activities emphasise stakeholder engagement and capacity building, institutional arrangements, and creating an enabling environment for adaptation action (including mainstreaming adaptation into planning processes).

Supporting adaptation in Moldova

The objective of the project is to support decision-making, including through improving climate information services as well as improving the understanding of these services at the national and sectoral levels. Through this approach the project facilitated the implementation of adaptation action through agriculture, water, and energy pilot projects, and stimulated innovative ideas for building up local community resilience.

Awareness-raising, information and knowledge-sharing during the project’s activities highlighted the importance of communication and dialogue in adaptation planning and implementation. In recognition of this, multiple knowledge products were produced during this project to enhance communication and improve adaptation planning and implementation going forward. These products are catalogued in this photobook, and include:

  • A package of diverse tools and methods that have been applied in capacity-building activities. These were geared to broaden and deepen awareness of national stakeholders on adaptation and engage with key audiences (e.g. donors and media, as well as internal stakeholders), and were specifically selected to meet sectoral adaptation needs and focused on key target groups. These included stakeholder and public events, climate change awareness and information messages for project partners, increased web presence, the development of a “Glossary of terminology used in climate change adaptation” for communicators and journalists, the development of project publications and promotional materials (e.g. brochures, leaflets, guides, posters, videos and audiospots), and the active dessemination of these products and project highlights to different audiences through social media and knowledge platforms (including weADAPT, Issuu, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and

  • Details of the integration of gender perspectives throughout the project activities and developed policy documents, which ensured equal participation of men and women into processes of adaptation decision-making and implementation of adaptation actions. Gender mainstreaming of project activities was a priority for the ADA/UNDP project, which included the establishment of institutional and policy frameworks for the medium- and long-term gender-sensitive adaptation planning. Gender-specific activities included a gender analysis and incorporation of gender perspectives into climate change capacity assessment reports across multiple sectors (including energy, transport, forests, health, agriculture and development), dedicated training on gender mainstreaming for sectoral planners, experts, journalists and focal points from ministries, online and radio broadcasts of youth-focused gender and climate-change messages and contributions to the Moldova gender Equality Strategy for 2016-2020.

The photobook

The photobook can be viewed via Issu below (click to go full screen), downloaded from the right-hand column, or viewed on the Issu website here.

Support and Funding

Supporting Moldova’s National Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process” is a Project supported by the Austrian Development Agency with funding from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management of the Republic of Austria and implemented by the Climate Change Office, Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova together with UNDP Moldova.

Contact Details

For more information please contact Project team:

Email address: [email protected]

Telephone: +373 22 719131

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ADA/UNDP (2016) Supporting Moldova’s National Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process: Photobook.

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