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The Dodoth Agro-Pastoralist Development Organization (DADO) is a local, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit making organization founded in July 1996 by the agro-pastoralist communities in Kaabong district. As a community based organization (CBO), DADO was to provide livestock extension services and other related efforts to bring peace and reconciliation among the ethnic groups in north Karamoja. After a decade of its operation as a CBO the organisation was formally registered as a national Non-Governmental Organisation – NGO – with the NGO board. DADO is founded on the principles of working with the most marginalized agro-pastoral and minority communities with a broader call toward providing a holistic approach to community development. It focuses on supporting community development initiatives through building resilience, peace & reconciliation, protection and promotion of pastoralist and minority groups’ rights, including livelihoods enhancement among the pastoralists’ communities in the triangular board areas of north-eastern Uganda, north-western Kenya and south-eastern South Sudan. Strategic objectives
  1. To enhance agro-pastoral livelihood of the most impoverished pastoralist rural communities through knowledge and skills development, promotion of viable economic activities for self-reliance and sustainable development.
  2. Enhance the capacity of pastoralist rural communities to participate and influence decision making processes, peace building for harmonious living and sustainable development.
  3. To contribute to the improvement of animal health, traction and value addition for improved income and economic development
  4. To advocate and support pastoralist accessibility and management of natural resources for improved rangeland utilisation in a sustainable way.
  5. DADO organizational and institutional capacity developed and strengthened to be effective and efficient in north Karamoja and its adjacent communities
Geographical Area of operation/coverage: DADO operates and implements its activities in Kaabong district of North Karamoja with Concentration in the sub counties of Lodiko, Sidok, Lolelia, Kalapata, Kaabong East, Kaabong West and Karenga. Light Projects are also implemented in the sub counties of Kawalakol, Kathile and Kamion on the corridors/borders of the Kidepo Valley National Conservation Area/Park the above mentioned sub counties found in both Dodoth East and West constituencies. Legal status On 26th July 2005 after operating as a CBO for approximately ten [10] years under then Kotido district, DADO was registered with the National NGO board under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Uganda Government as a nongovernmental organisation [NGO]. And DADO is registered by Kaabong District Local Government as of the Development Partner among others. DADO’s Mission To empower Agro-Pastoralist in Dodoth to Achieve Improved and Sustainable Livelihoods through Improved Agriculture [Cropping and Animal Health], Business skills development and Income Generating Activities, Domestic Violence Prevention and HIV/AIDS Awareness /Education, Peace Building, Conflict Mitigation and Transformation, Human Rights, Good Governance, Lobby and Advocacy for Pastoralist Rights. DADO’s Key Objectives:
  1. To empower Agro-Pastoralists in Dodoth to fully take control of own development pursuits
  2. To support women and youth groups in income generating activities that diversifies their sources of livelihoods so as to contribute to poverty reduction in Dodoth County/Kaabong district
  3. To contribute and support improved animal health care, agriculture, livestock products and marketing
  4. To contribute to reduction of intra and inter conflicts within and outside Karamoja.
  5. To contribute to improved protection and promotion of Human Rights in Karamoja and the neighborhood.
  6. To promote accessibility and management of resources along with bridging factors which have been bringing/responsible about/for Gender imbalance in Dodoth and Karamoja

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Postal address: P.O.BOX 25 Kotido, Kaabong. Uganda-East Africa Physical address: Kidepo Road, Kaabong Town Council E-mail:[email protected] or [email protected] Office Tel: +256-751-062-094.

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