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Accounting for the Effects of Climate Change: Summary of approach, and theoretical consideration of real option analysis

TE2100 Flood Risk Management Plan

Led by the Environment Agency, the Thames Estuary 2100 project (TE2100) was established in 2002 with the aim of developing a long-term tidal flood risk management plan for London and the Thames estuary.

The project covers the tidal River Thames from Teddington in West London through to Sheerness and Shoeburyness in Kent and Essex.

Following six years of study, and working with a wide range of organisations from across the estuary, we gained a comprehensive understanding of tidal flood risk on the estuary now and in the future.

The findings of our six-year study resulted in the TE2100 Flood Risk Management Plan. The plan sets out our recommendations for managing flood risk across the estuary through to the end of the century.

The TE2100 Plan is the result of a detailed assessment of the options available to manage flood risk and their economic costs, benefits and environmental impacts. It sets out the strategic direction for managing flood risk across the estuary, and contains recommendations on what actions we and others will need to take in the short term (next 25 years), medium term (the following 15 years) and long term (to the end of the century).

The plan is based on current guidance on climate change, but is adaptable to changes in predictions for sea-level rise and climate change over the century.

We ran a public consultation on the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan through April-July 2009. The comments we received were fed into the final draft.

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