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Valencian collaboration space (Spain): towards multi-level governance in support of the EU Missions

Credit: travelnow.or.crylater (Unsplash)

This case study was originally published on the Climate-ADAPT website – for more information please visit the case study pageClimate-ADAPT aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change by helping users to access and share data and information. The platform includes the Climate-ADAPT database that contains quality checked information that can be easily searched.


The case study delves into the ongoing development of a multi-level governance framework in València, Spain. This framework is designed to take a leadership role and expedite action within the context of the EU Mission on Adaptation to climate change. The so-called ‘collaboration space’ aims to establish an effective mechanism for the coordination, collaboration, and decision-making among the regional and local authorities, enabling synergies between adaptation and mitigation, and leading the collaborative deployment of the EU Missions. These elements offer support to local governments in the design and implementation of local adaptation strategies and actions.  

The ‘collaboration space’ results from past coordination efforts at the regional and local levels, as well as ongoing local activities and interactions with other EU Missions. The framework draws inspiration from the governance structure of the “València 2030 Climate Mission” a local mission-oriented initiative that laid the groundwork for València’s participation in the EU Missions. Finally, the multi-level ‘collaboration space’ is further put forward in the binding Climate City Contract signed by València city in the context of the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. 

You can read the full case study on the Climate-ADAPT website.

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