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For International Women’s Day: Spotlight on weADAPT’s women editors

For International Women's day, we would like to acknowledge and spotlight our women editors - they keep the platform running!

Editors play a central role in ensuring weADAPT maintains its place as one of the world’s leading and most trusted platforms for knowledge exchange on climate adaptation. Experts in their field, editors review the hundreds of articles, case studies, courses and blogs submitted by our users to vet the clarity, quality and relevance of the content for the platform. In short: they keep the platform running!

For International Women’s day, we would like to acknowledge and spotlight our women editors – please take some time to read their profiles, follow them on social media and read some of their recent articles.

And watch this space, as we plan to recruit more women editors in 2024.

May Thazin Aung | Researcher, Climate Change, IIED

May Thazin Aung’s work focuses on designing and delivering climate finance to least developed countries at different levels of governance. She is interested in promoting equitable access to climate finance and supporting community empowerment through climate action. She has worked extensively with diverse stakeholders throughout Southeast Asia to promote evidence-based decision-making and multi-stakeholder participation. She also has experience in policy analysis, using it to understand gender and social equity dimensions of access to natural resources.

Theme Editor for: Climate Finance

Dr Sukaina Bharwani | Senior Research Fellow and weADAPT Director, SEI Oxford

Sukaina Bharwani is an interdisciplinary senior researcher with a background in both social anthropology and computer science. Her current research supports urban adaptation in southern Africa, connects communities working on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Europe, and contributes to the field of climate change adaptation taxonomies and climate services. She also serves as Director of the weADAPT.

Theme Editor for: Climate Services

Dr Ruth Butterfield | Senior Centre Director and Senior Research Fellow, SEI Oxford

Ruth Butterfield is Centre Director and Senior Researcher at SEI Oxford. Her background is in agriculture, water and climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation. The Centre supports climate adaptation decision making, climate governance, and policy to promote sustainable development and address challenges of climate change. Ruth has worked in diverse projects in themes of capacity development, knowledge management, climate services and climate change adaptation in a range of sectors and locations.   

Theme Editor for: Climate Adaptation Training | Climate, Food Security and Agriculture | Vulnerability

Cynthia Crouse | Research Associate, SEI Asia

Cynthia “Cyndi” Crouse is a Research Associate at SEI Asia. She started with the center after completing her master’s degree in International Development at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand in 2021. Cyndi plans to continue her work with SEI focusing on nature-based solutions to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, particularly considering Indigenous groups as well as agriculture and forestry dependent communities.

Theme Editor for: Disasters and Climate Change

Dr Satabdi Datta | Post-Doctoral Researcher, Asian Institute of Technology

Satabdi Datta is a researcher with a doctorate in Economics. She specializes in Environmental and Resource Economics, Development Studies and Econometrics. Her works have revolved around natural resource management, disaster vulnerability, climate change adaptation, ecology-economy interactions, ecosystem valuation, behavioral assessment of marginalized communities on aspects of natural resource management and adaptive capacity against climate change induced threats, to name a few.

Theme Editor for: Economics of Climate Adaptation | Nature-Based Solutions | Climate, Food Security and Agriculture

Dr Tahia Devisscher | Assistant Professor, Social-Ecological Climate Resilience in Urban and Peri-Urban Landscapes, University of British Columbia

Tahia Devisscher’s work focuses on how to design and manage forests in and around cities to support human well-being and build social-ecological resilience to climate change. She is also interested in practical strategies to address the increasing disconnect between people and nature caused by rapid urbanization. She collaborates with local communities and associations, national and municipal governments, non-governmental organizations, and several research institutes across the world.

Theme Editor for: Nature-Based Solutions

Elisabeth Françoise Du Parc | Project Officer, International Organization for Migration

Elisabeth Du Parc is working specifically on the interlinkages between migration, climate change, environment and urbanization. She led a project with the City of Paris, in collaboration with the Hugo Observatory, contributing to the city’s efforts on planning for more inclusive urban adaptation policies. 

Theme Editor for: Human Mobility

Isabelle Mallon | Research Associate: Gender, Environment and Development, SEI Asia

Isabelle Mallon is a Research Associate in the Gender, Environment and Development cluster at SEI Asia. Her current research focuses on gender and social equity dimensions in nature-based climate solutions and food systems within the Asia Pacific region.

Theme Editor for: Gender and Social Equality

Dr Anna Taylor | Researcher, University of Cape Town

Anna Taylor is a geographer specializing in climate adaptation, with a focus on African cities. She is a Research Fellow at the University of Cape Town, engaging in transdisciplinary research on climate resilient, sustainable urbanism, public decision making and multi-level governance. She has expertise in facilitating multi-stakeholder engagements, theorizing adaptation, and conducting case study research and organizational ethnography.

Theme Editor for: Cities and Climate Change

Kate Williamson | Research Associate, SEI Oxford

Kate is a research associate at SEI Oxford, supporting on projects that focus on how to share and increase the connectivity between climate change adaptation knowledge and solutions to enhance capacities and decision-making processes. She enjoys being a weADAPT editor for both the ‘Adaptation Without Borders’ theme, which explores climate risks at a global, transboundary scale, and the ‘Climate Change Adaptation in Mountains’ theme which acts as a space for those in the mountain community to connect, share, and exchange knowledge within the Adaptation at Altitude Knowledge Network.

Theme editor for: Adaptation without Borders | Climate Change Adaptation in Mountains

Dr Meredith Wiggins | Senior Director of Climate Adaptation, World Monuments Fund

Meredith Wiggins is an archaeologist and environmental researcher who works at the nexus of climate and culture. Meredith comes to World Monuments Fund (WMF) from the field of international development, where she has spent the last 5 years designing and implementing climate mitigation and adaptation projects for the US Government.

Theme Editor for: Nature-Based Solutions

Rosie Witton | Research Fellow, SEI Oxford

Rosie Witton is a Research Fellow at SEI Oxford working on climate change adaptation projects in mountainous regions, as well as projects focussing on knowledge sharing and citizen and stakeholder engagement.

Theme Editor for: Climate Change Adaptation in Mountains

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