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For over 40 years, Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP) has been building effective relationships with Indigenous and civil society partners across the Small Island Developing States of the South Pacific (Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia) and First Nations across Canada. A registered charity, PPP strengthens rights-based sustainable development initiatives that enable communities to harness their own creativity to address poverty, environmental degradation, and revaluation of traditional ways of being.


To support the aspirations of Pacific Islanders for peace, justice, environmental sustainability, and development.


As a longstanding member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), we are committed to the very best practices of the sector and are in compliance with their code of ethics.

PPP strongly believes that Indigenous peoples ultimately hold the answers and solutions to the challenges faced within their communities. We utilize human rights-based approaches to development based upon equitable partnerships and facilitate exchanges of ideas and knowledge between Indigenous peoples of the North and South.

We value an open process of multi-stakeholder dialogue through country-based thematic, regional, grassroots, and global consultations. PPP works as part of the team to help define common principles and goals within the countries we work with. We work in partnership to achieve those goals and principles.

Above all, PPP values respect in every aspect of social and business interactions. We practice respect through commitment to the following values:

  • PPP promotes human rights and social justice.
  • PPP embodies gender equality and equity while promoting women’s rights.
  • PPP focuses on people’s empowerment, democratic ownership, and participation.
  • PPP promotes environmental sustainability.
  • PPP practices transparency and accountability.
  • PPP pursues equitable partnerships and solidarity.
  • PPP creates and shares knowledge appropriately and is committed to mutual learning.
  • PPP is committed to realizing positive sustainable change.

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