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YES Kenya

YES Kenya is a national youth multi-stakeholder network involved in promoting youth entrepreneurship and innovation in commitment to creating sustainable livelihoods for Youth. YES Kenya brings together a membership of more than 8000 representing various organizations at National and grassroots level levels in all the 47 Counties of Kenya.

YES Kenya was established to champion widespread entrepreneurship and employment of youths to enable them acquire a source of livelihood through application of innovative sustainable lifestyles, practices, beliefs and values. This is achieved through engaging in the development process by mobilizing the interests of the youth in various development sectors including but not limited to the :

  1. Environment
  2. Health
  3. Sustainable Agriculture
  4. Social-Cultural and Economics Dynamics
  5. Energy
  6. Appropriate Technology
  7. Information, Communication and Technology
  8. Education.

Our mission is to seed “Employment for sustainable livelihoods”. This is achieved through a process of pro-poor civic engagement; project formation and implementation, building of grassroots movements and influencing policy reforms through meaningful and intergenerational dialogue.

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