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The LEDS GP Resource guide for NDC finance

This guide presents a curated selection of high quality resources on a range of topics around finance for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and low emission development strategies (LEDS).
Ana Maria Vela Lostaunau


The Resource guide for NDC finance presents a curated selection of resources on a range of topics around finance for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and low emission development strategies (LEDS). PDF versions of the guide can be downloaded form the right-hand column or accessed online here (clickable pdf), or discover the interactive guide here.

The resources guide is designed to help NDC and LEDS practitioners find high quality resources that meet their specific needs, avoiding time consuming web searching. It will be useful to individuals working on, or interested in, NDC and LEDS finance in both developed and developing countries.

In the guide

The resources are organized using a framework comprising six main sections (see below), each containing a brief introduction, plus one or two featured resources that provide a good introduction to the topic area, and a general resources subsection, where resources covering a number of subsection topics are presented. Most subsections also contain country-specific reports or case study documents.

For each resource, a short description outlines its purpose, what it covers, and who it is aimed at. Especially relevant chapters are indicated. Publication details and document size are also given, along with a hyperlink to the resource. Linked themes between sections and subsections, and resources that are relevant to a number of subsections, are highlighted and hyperlinked through the guide. Where specific resources are relevant to multiple subsections, the resource details are included in full in each subsection where relevant.

Resources are presented for the following topics and sub-topics:

  • Introductory resources
  • Understanding the situation
    • Understanding current flows
    • Assessing financing needs
    • Assessing capacity
    • Identifying and overcoming barriers
  • Planning and coordinating
    • Institutions and governance
    • National finance strategies
    • Investment plans
    • National climate funds
    • Green investment banks
  • Creating an enabling environment
  • Using public finance
    • Managing national finance
    • International climate finance
    • Climate finance readiness
    • The Green Climate Fund
    • Direct access
  • Designing financial instruments
    • General resources
    • Sources of private finance
    • Risk mitigation
    • Guarantees
    • Feed-in tariffs and auctions
    • Taxes and tax incentives
    • Carbon pricing
  • Developing good projects
    • General resources
    • Impact and transformational change
    • Making projects financeable
    • Measuring, reporting, and verification

Discover the Resource guide for NDC finance, available in in both pdf and interactive clickable formats: Resource guide for NDC finance


This resource guide was written by James Rawlins (Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, ECN), Matthew Halstead (ECN) and Charlene Watson (Overseas Development Institute, ODI).

Suggested Citation

Rawlins, J., Halstead, M. and Watson, C. (2017) Resource guide for NDC finance. Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP): Availableonline at

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