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Participatory Climate Risk Assessment and Development of Local Adaptation Action Plans in Bangladesh

Photo from UNITAR Project Report

This project aims to develop a community-driven adaptation plan of action, as well as to facilitate the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into the sustainable development planning process. Primary beneficiaries will include poor and marginalized farmers, agricultural laborers, landless women, indigenous people, small traders and students.

Through the identification of livelihood vulnerabilities to climate change, climate variability and other natural hazards, this project will develop strategies to reduce such vulnerabilities identified in the risk assessment process. The project will adhere to the standard community risk assessment procedures of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management of Bangladesh and its ongoing Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme.

Risk communication strategies, materials and means will be developed to facilitate government and development agencies involvement and the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into development planning. A selection of potential adaptation options will be tested at the local level and lessons learned will be shared with local, national and international stakeholders. As the project aims to implement the activities with the active participation and ownership of the local governments (Union parishad), this process will contribute to the overall development plan of these governments, which, in turn, will contribute to the sustainable development process within those communities.

Contact Person

Dr. Mizan R. Khan, Department of Environmental Science and Management,North South University.

Email: [email protected]

Implementing Organisations

SEI, START, ENDA Tiers-Monde, Climate Systems Analysis Group – University of Cape Town, UNITAR

Funding Organisation

EC, DEFRA, NCAP/ETC Foundation

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